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  The Wave DLX Review, Street Surfing UK


Street Surfing, The Wave DLX Review!

  • Brand: Street Surfing
  • Product: The Wave DLX
  • Best Price: £79.99 (Buy Now)
  • Our Rating: 4 / 5


The Wave DLX by Street Surfing is one of the newest boards in their range of Urban Surf Boards. This new design offers a lighter build which has been achieved by introducing cut outs to the platform. In addition the DLX has been designed with a wider platform for improved stability and grip tape for even further control during movement.


When we was approached and ask to test and review a new board that only had two wheels, centre aligned, I was sceptical at best that I would be able to get the hang of it. So when the test board arrived and I took it out of the box I became pretty certain I was about to break some bones. However once we got it onto the road (a quiet one) it quickly became apparent that the board is actually pretty stable once in motion.

Basically because the wheels and casters are fitted at an angle, the boards forward motion semi-ensures they point the right direction, and just like on a bike the motion increase stability. This does mean however that if you don't keep up momentum the board will flop down to one side.

The hardest part about using The Wave was setting off, my own personal method was to put my front foot on first and push with the back before stepping on and proceeding to try and self propel. This proved an effective method and with about 20 minutes practice I was able to proficiently propel myself around a level surface and turn. I had some problems maintaining momentum when going up hill but I do feel if I had perfected the technique this would not have been so much of an issue.

We also asked a couple of non-skaters to try the board to see how they faired and to our surprise it did seem to be easily picked up by all, but with a difference in practice times. We are pretty confident anyone could pick this up if they can get past the initial pushing off part of the technique.

There are a variety of video tutorials on sites like youtube which would give anyone a heads up on the technique to get to grips with riding this board.

Build Quality

When our test board arrived the first thing we did was check the build quality, after all I had to try and ride it, and with 2 less wheels then I am used to I wanted to make sure they were firmly attached to the deck.

When I was told the platforms where sat on top of wheels attached with casters, my first thought was “as in casters like on my furniture” *worried look. However (and to my relief) the casters are solid and metal in construction and firmly placed, there was no play in them at all where they meet the platform and this was still true even after our rigorous testing.

The Wheels are a lot like you would find on recreational in-line skates and are of fair quality although they do wear at a rate that is visibly noticeable after use. The instructions do warn you should always use “authentic Wave replacement wheels”, we would recommend the same and replacement parts from the official website do seem fairly priced.

The platforms themselves are made from a hard moulded durable plastic, which is cut out to reduce the boards weight. It holds up pretty well to abuse, their was a few of us testing it and it coped with the mishaps well although did scuff easily on contact with the concrete floor and Kerbs. The actual design of the board is quite appealing and made more so by the graphics on the grip tape. (other boards in the range come with more intricate designs)

Last and probably most important is the torsion bar, which is a high tension spring that attaches the two platforms and allows them to move independently so you can create the motion that propels the board forward. This again seems to be of a pretty high standard and on the board we received seem to offer the perfect amount of flexibility without being so loose that it would cause a problem to ride.


So to wrap up, the board is a unique concept and for once it is one that proved to work and to be fun all at the same time. There are already people that have mastered a variety of skateboarding tricks on them including Kick/Heel Flips and Manuals which is testament to the boards build quality and ability to be used.

I would suggest the price of this board is about right for what it is, although there are cheaper models available from Street Surfing. Also if budgets allows and image is everything for a few quid more you can get one with a more appealing design.

All in all I was impressed with what the board had to offer. Had I seen it in the shops I probably would have left it on the shelf having never used one, but now I have had a go I would recommend this to anyone, with the confidence they could pick up the technique and it would prove a fun way to waste some time or even get around.

I don't think it will replace the skateboard in the park, but it is definitely worth having one for getting around and will even save the tread on you pushing foot.

We give The Wave DLX by Street Surfing 4 out of 5!

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